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Characteristics of the Department




The Department is the only Department of Physical Therapy in a top-notch national l university at southern Taiwan.  Neighboring with colleges of Science, Engineering, Management and Social Science, the Department offers various opportunities to its students to interact with the faculty and students in other disciplines.  Immersed in versatile campus lives and diversified students' clubs, students develop the most welcomed working attitudes in the honest and simple environment of the campus and the school atmosphere aiming for practicality.  Small class teaching is conducted with class size of no more than 35 in undergraduate programs.  Under the guidance of teachers, undergraduate students will be able to participate and practice in various lab and practical training courses with satisfactory outcome.


Each member of the faculty is with vivid distinguishing characteristics allowing students of diversified examples through interactions among students and teachers.

Not only taking training courses in the National Cheng Kung University Hospital, students will also have opportunities to receive training in other medical centers and outstanding metropolitan hospitals.  Well-rounded training courses prepare students for their successful careers.

Students' success rates (75%-100%) in qualification examinations always come out among the first.  Most graduates are qualified and offered good jobs right after the graduation.  Alumni are held in high esteem in the physical therapy circle.

Research is one of the emphases of the Department, and collaboration relationships with departments and institutes of the University in various disciplines of clinical medicines, basic medical sciences and medical engineering. Students who are interested in the application of human movement science in medical treatment and health care are welcome to join us and experience the joys of interdisciplinary cooperation.

        The Department offers complete programs from undergraduate, master to PhD.  Students with lofty ideals to devote themselves to education and research in the future will be able to work for higher degrees and become members in the education team of physical therapy.